We work hand in hand on your perfect turned part.

Would you like to know what the perfect turned part actually is? The answer is simple: The one that best meets your precise needs. Many sectors have their own specific requirements. With our many years of experience, we really know what we are doing, and can assist you with our expertise. To create your perfect product!

Electrical engineering / electronics

Turned parts that connect

Precision components in the electronics and electrical engineering sector must satisfy demanding requirements. The right choice of materials in terms of mechanical resilience, good electrical conductivity, compliance with environmental stipulations and cost-optimised production is made in close consultation with our customers. With our plating partners, all of whom have a long track record with us, we can provide a full spectrum of plating options, using metals such as nickel, tin, silver or gold.

For electrical contacting, a large number of blue-chip customers place their confidence in Firner Trautwein and our dependable range of contact pins and bushes. We also produce meter terminals for electricity meters, or contact elements for electronic components, all in high volumes. Our product range is rounded off with turned parts for connector housings and sheath elements. Our flexibility, our experience and our expertise make us into the perfect partner for the electronics sector.



  • Bushes and connector pins
  • Connection terminals for electricity meters and power distribution
  • Connector housings and sheath elements
  • Connection terminals for PCBs
  • Broached terminal bodies and box terminals
  • Bushes for screw connections

Connector nipples for heat meters


Turned parts that deliver speed

In the automotive sector you will find a multiplicity of applications involving our precision turned parts. These components are exposed to high temperatures, aggressive media and mechanical loads. In particular, our components are used in fuel and transmission fluid pumps. We have also been in demand for many years for our electrical connection components for the electrical systems in vehicles. We manufacture these parts in high volumes.


Durability and ultimate performance - even when very large quantities are involved. These are the most important of values for parts built in one of the central and leading sectors in Germany. With our great expertise, we here at Firner Trautwein are the perfect partner for you!


  • Electrical connection components
  • Components for automotive electrical systems
  • Housings for sensor systems
  • Components for fuel pumps and transmission fluid pumps
  • Mechanical mounting elements

Hose adapters for acoustic insulation

Communications technology

Turned parts that love to be in contact

Enabling signals to be received perfectly by the recipient is not always just a matter of signal content. Instead, the right transmission route is often important as well. With its connectors, bushes and contact elements, Firner Trautwein is a renowned partner for blue chip customers in the communications industry.

Alongside conductivity, the number of plug-in cycles and the ease of repeatability of those connections have important roles to play, e.g. in the audio and hi-fi sector. Another essential quality criterion is great visual appearance. With our experience and flexibility, we can offer a great range of options. You see, when you purchase precision turned parts from Firner Trautwein, you are placing your confidence in solutions that not only sound good - they also look great!



  • Connector pins
  • Bushes
  • Housings
  • Contact elements
  • Coaxial connectors

Connectors for signal transmission

Sanitary industry

Turned parts that leave behind a gleaming impression

Precision components in the sanitary technology sector are exposed to serious external loads. As well as mechanical forces, these include the impact of water and temperature. Whether surface-mounted or recessed, the prevention of stress crack corrosion and the use of materials resistant to dezincification are matters of high priority. Firner Trautwein is an experienced partner in matters relating to brass materials, especially with drinking water alloys with low lead contents, or that are completely lead-free. The components manufactured from these materials are used for temperature control and water pipework, or as mounting elements. In some cases with additional corrosion inhibition on the surface, in the form of nickel- or chrome-plating.

Of course, the design has to be right too - which is why our product portfolio has for many decades included high-gloss chrome-plated connecting pipes, escucheons and covers for decorative applications Perfection in sanitary applications - with precision components from Firner Trautwein.



  • Turned parts for temperature control
  • Water-bearing turned parts and assemblies
  • Threaded nipples and hose connections
  • Fittings and mountings
  • Mounting elements
  • High-gloss chrome-plated connecting pipes, escucheons and covers

Housings for thermostat cartridges

Other sectors

Turned parts that suit your needs perfectly

With our expertise and our many years of experience, we have been able to establish a reputation in many sectors as a dependable manufacturer of customer-specific turned parts and precision components.


This also makes us an interesting partner for many other sectors - wherever absolute precision is called for, wherever perfect harmony is needed between a metal and its machining process, and where subsequent requirements need to be satisfied to a high standard of precision. Firner Trautwein has built a reputation in these fields for ultimate expertise and dependability.


Do you have a very specific requirement? Please get in touch with us, and we can then work together to create optimum turned parts, ones that perfectly suit your needs.


  • Building technology
  • Transport technology
  • Transmission technology
  • Medical technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Sensor systems
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Instrument technology
  • Lighting industry

Complex components for driver interiors