Precision meets Perfection.

That is what truly defines Firner Trautwein.

United we stand - your perfect partner

Firner Trautwein is all about the successful collaboration of two experienced experts who are dedicated to the manufacture of complex, customer-specific and cost-optimised solutions relating to turned parts.

The owner-managed family business Firner Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH, based in Zeil am Main, and Trautwein Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH based in the Black Forest town of Dunningen, have been pooling their resources for years with the aim of providing their customers with a broad range of turned parts made of brass, steel, stainless steel and aluminium. The combined market presence of Firner Trautwein is simply the logical consequence of this approach.

You also stand to benefit from these synergies!

Our customers across this multiplicity of industrial sectors benefit twice over, in terms of our combined expertise, size and flexibility. Here is what Made in Germany quality means for you: Manufactured in Zeil am Main and in the Black Forest town of Dunningen.

We combined technological expertise with the very latest of production facilities and a broad wealth of experience. That is because every precision turned part we create is the outcome of a close dialogue. You see, we view ourselves not only as a manufacturer but also, and above all, as a problem solving and a partner.


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Our guiding principles

Prudent action
creates sustained success

Success - the aim of every business venture. At Firner Trautwein, success is expressed in more than figures and quarterly results. We also take a long-term view of the way we seek to develop. Responsibility and sustainability are the most important factors here.

Respect and dependability in the way we act with our employees and customers, and with the environment, are more than just words: They are instead a living reality for us. We place great emphasis on having a liberal environment in which clarity, openness, tolerance and transparency are paramount, and where every single individual is treated with respect. You see, we are convinced that this is how to create a space in which people like to work and to commit themselves - the only way that we can join forces to progress matters effectively.

When we look back over our track record, we can assert with pride that this has been the right path to follow.

We shall therefore continue pursuing this path in a consistent manner. Nowadays, energy efficiency must adopt a high priority position in any entrepreneurial environment. As a consequence, sustainability is a central concern at Firner Trautwein.

We are already thinking of tomorrow as we act today, and we operate a complex and comprehensive environment, energy and quality management system. That is because we are convinced that having a responsible attitude towards the way we deal with our resources is a matter of crucial importance to the future.

Our success - the outcome of prudent reflection and of action based upon responsibility. This is the only way in which we can inspire the confidence not only of our employees but also of our customers, and we have already been doing precisely that for many years.

That our customers can always depend upon:

  • Our products are manufactured precisely to your stipulations and specifications.
  • The price is calculated at an appropriate and realistic market level.
  • Each order is delivered at the agreed time.


The satisfaction of our customers right around the globe confirms that we consistently act in the right manner. That is what we call collaboration based on partnership.

Facts & Data

Two paths to success - come together!

This history of two specialists in the precision turned part sector is one of two successful paths converging. The outcome is a combined total of 150 years of experience in challenging metal-working processes, almost 100 employees, about 10,000 mproduction surface area .... and a great deal more.


For you as our customer, this means that we are able to raise partnership and closeness to an even higher level. We can advise you more effectively, we can support you more closely, deliver even better quality, and even greater levels of dependability. We shall always give you 100% - and sometimes even more!


Mind you, at the end of the day, mere figures are not sufficient to describe our connection: Firner Trautwein is more than simply the sum of two individual parts. This bond cannot really be counted - it has to be experienced!

Management systems

Quality that, naturally enough, really pays its way

Quality management in acc. with ISO/TS 16949:2009

The aim of our company is to apply the highest quality standards to our work, to make customer focus a living reality and to improve ourselves continuously.


We aim to achieve this through the commitment of every single employee to good performance, through the binding nature of our agreements, through team spirit and partnership, and through a constant desire to develop further. Environmental awareness, cleanliness, good housekeeping and a willingness to be open and responsible in our attitude - these principles accompany use in all that we do.


Our quality management system is certified in acc. with ISO/TS 16949:2009.

Environmental management in acc. with ISO 14001:2004

Anyone speaking of ultimate precision must also make mention of responsibility and dependability. For us, these factors apply not only to the quality of our work but also to the way we treat our planet, quite simply the foundation of our existence and, as such, worthy of special protection.


With our corporate guidelines, we therefore undertake to treat natural resources carefully and to ensure that our plant and equipment is employed in an environmentally compatible manner.


Our environmental management system is certified in acc. with ISO 14001:2004.

Energy management in acc. with ISO 50001:2018

As a company that thinks in the long-term, we wish to discover potential ways of saving energy, and to leverage these consistently. This enables us to reduce our operating costs, it makes us more competitive and it makes a big contribution towards the reduction of CO2 emissions. Transparency about energy flows and the detection of potential savings both form part of this process, together with continuous improvement to the use of energy and the raising of awareness about the importance of this task among all employees.


Our energy management system is certified in acc. with ISO 50001:2018


The most important documents we have for you.

Here you can find the most important brochures and documents about our company. Easy and convenient to download. Do you have any questions, or are is there anything you still need? If so, please just get in touch with us. We shall always be pleased to assist you.