Perfection - a question of harmony

Wherever you find Man & Machine are in perfect harmony, whenever ultimate precision combines with optimum cost-effectiveness, you are in the presence of Firner Trautwein. For many years, we have not only been investing in the continuous modernisation of our machinery. We have also been investing in the further and ongoing training of our employees. That is because, at Firner Trautwein, perfection does not end when each turned part is finished. We consider ourselves to be partners and companions - so it makes perfect sense for us to be involved in subsequent installation work, and there for you during the test and introductory phases. You see, to us, striving for perfection is a never-ending process.

We make our 150 years of experience available to your benefit

At times when being young appears to have an intrinsic value, we are self-assured enough to be able to say: No, we are not really young anymore. To be more accurate, we here at Firner Trautwein look back over our 150 years of experience in the turned part manufacturing sector. Over this long period of time, we have been able to acquire the skills that have made us into one of the leading manufacturers of customer-specific precision turned parts. After all, what has always accompanied us is our strive for improvement, the urge to achieve perfection - a never-ending process. At the heart of what we do, we have always been committed to producing the best possible components precisely to the wishes and requirements of each of our customers. It is the length of time that we have been engaged in this that enables us to keep on acquiring new and even better production and machining processes, to get to know a vast array of different metals better than almost anyone else, and to make a start where others may already have decided to stop. Throughout all of this time, what sets Firner Trautwein apart is the thought we give to the future. Something that today might appear impossible is something that we seek to make happen tomorrow - which is to create your perfect turned part!


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Machining materials

A leading force in the manufacture of customer-specific precision

We know our craft, in terms of every conceivable machining characteristic and quality of material. Just contact us and explain what you wish to accomplish. Together, we shall find the optimum solution.

Brass is a great all-rounder with multiple benefits: Good machining properties, resistance to water and steam, robust, very economical and, above all, with good electrical conductivity.
The appeal of aluminium lies in its combination of strength and light weight. Which explains why aluminium components are used where weight needs to be kept to a minimum, e.g. in the automotive and aerospace sectors.
Stainless steel materials
Robust, durable, temperature-resistant, relatively non-wearing and low maintenance - almost no other material is as versatile to use as stainless steel, which makes it suitable for a tremendously wide range of sectors and applications.

Production / Manufacture

That is what we do!

For us, the perfect turned part consists of more than metal. It comprises a great deal more than that: When you source precision turned parts from Firner Trautwein, you access a combination of the most modern machines and systems, the finest of skilled employees and tried-and-tested processes. This enables us to assure the highest standards of quality at cost-effective terms and conditions.


With our CNC single-spindle, multi-spindle and automatic rotary indexing machines , Firner Trautwein works across a range of diameters spanning approx. 3 mm to 65 mm, and chucking components with diameters of up to 150 mm. We machine brass, steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloys across a vast range of different material qualities. If you so wish, we shall be pleased to guide you through the assembly and installation work. We would be delighted to have a chance to impress you with our professional skills!



  • Electrical engineering / electronics
  • Automotive
  • Communications technology
  • Sanitary technology
  • Building technology
  • Medical technology
  • Hydraulics
  • Mechanical engineering



  • Surface coating
  • Heat treatment
  • Flanging
  • Surface welding of contact materials
  • Nut-running
  • Building of sub-assemblies


Equipped for the best

With our ultra-modern range of in-house machinery, we are able to satisfy every requirement relating to ultra-precise turned parts. Speed, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, from short to long production runs. Our spectrum of machining processes ranges from single-spindle and multi-spindle turning machines to automatic rotary indexing machines, transfer machines and special-purpose machines, and even includes deburring and assembly systems.


Of course, any machine is only ever as good as the personnel that operate it. At Firner Trautwein, you place your confidence in the hands of an exceptionally capable and experienced team of people. This is what enables us to achieve a final result that is nothing less than ... your perfect turned part!



  • CNC single-spindle automatic turning machines
  • CNC multi-spindle automatic turning machines
  • Cam-controlled multi-spindle automatic turning machines
  • Automatic rotary indexing machines
  • Automatic deburring machines
  • Transfer machines and special machines
  • Further processing machines
  • Automatic assembly machines

FT Service

Satisfied all round!?

The motto at Firner Trautwein is ... turned parts first, last and all round! With our experience from countless projects for customers from many different industry sectors, we have acquired a great deal of expertise - knowledge that makes us the perfect advisor and partner in relation to all questions relating to our precision manufacturing capability.


Even at an early stage of development, we would be delighted to sit down with you to discuss the project you are planning. You can benefit from our competence: What parts do you need and how many, and where are they later going to go into service? Together, we can then agree a process sequence that will lead to your desired turned part. If you so wish, this can also include assembly.


To ensure that you are all-round satisfied with us, we can of course remain by your side as a partner thereafter: Firner Trautwein will not leave you out in the cold. We would like to know how our products perform in your application, whether further improvements would be a good idea or, to summarise that in simple terms, to know where the journey goes next. With Firner Trautwein, you are placing your confidence in an expert that understands precision manufacturing to be an all-inclusive process - and something to which we are personally committed.


Contact us to arrange a meeting.

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