Our strive for perfection

means that every little turned part has a big role to play.

Our strive for perfection

means that every little turned part has a big role to play.

Our strive for perfection

means that every little turned part has a big role to play.

Where precision meets perfection, people speak of
Firner Trautwein.

The family-owned company Firner Trautwein is the successful union of two experts in the challenging field of metal processing. Our company is committed to making complex turned parts for the electrical engineering, electronics, automotive, communications technology and sanitary technology sectors, where precision is a determining factor.

Anyone operating the field of precision knows that even the tiniest of details really matter. Our customers around the world can depend on us as a partner capable of transforming even the most difficult of workpieces into reality. Because we listen very carefully and because we are never satisfied until your expectations are fulfilled - once everything fits perfectly.

Bernhard Firner, Stefanie Firner
Executive management


About the company

Do you need turned parts? We can produce them for you - without compromise!

With an ultra-modern range of CNC machines, we manufacture workpieces made of brass, steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Also, it is no problem for us to perform secondary processing operations such as surface coatings and heat treatment. This is what makes us a leading manufacturer of customer-specific precision turned parts. We stand for Made in Germany or, even more precisely: Manufactured in Zeil am Main and in the Black Forest town of Schiltach.

More than 100
automatic turning machines
Ultimate precision combined with maximum flexibility. With our modern range of machines, we are equipped for anything. Complex components can be produced quickly, efficiently and reliably.
Diameters ranging from
3 mm to 65 mm
From small to large – with this bandwidth, very many different industry sectors wish to have us as a partner for turned parts.
Daily output of 500 000
turned parts.
We set up our production operations to meet your precise needs - with batch sizes ranging from small to medium to large.

We feel at home in all sectors where absolute precision is required.

The precision turned parts made by Firner Trautwein are indispensable components in a vast array of applications. Companies from a vast range of sectors, all of them global players, place their confidence in our skills and services. Wherever demanding and complex requirements have to be satisfied very precisely, we can be depended upon as a reliable and tried-and-tested partner. What can we do for you?


All industry sectors

Electrical engineering

Terminals, terminal bodies and terminal strips, connection elements, mounting elements and contact elements, sleeves for screw connections.


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Contact and connection elements for sensor components and electronic components for fuel pumps and transmission fluid pumps.


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Communications technology

Sleeves, connection elements, contact elements, connector pins, enclosures.


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Sanitary industry

Connection and sealing elements, fittings, hose connections, threaded nipples.


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Always in motion:
The very latest from Firner Trautwein.

Here you will find innovations and topical information about Firner Trautwein.

  • Spendenaktion "Kinderkrebsklinik Katharinenhöhe Schönwald"

    Spendenaktion zu Weihnachten 2018

    Firner Trautwein® hat sich in diesem Jahr dazu entschieden auf Weihnachtsgeschenke an unsere Kunden zu verzichten. Mit einer Spende für die Katharinenhöhe in Schönwald möchte man die Arbeit der Rehabilitationsklinik bei der Nachsorge von krebskranken Kindern...

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  • Erfolgreich auf der Electronica in München

    Der neue Messeauftritt von Firner Trautwein® wurde erfolgreich auf der Electronica 2018 in München präsentiert. Zahlreiche Kunden und Interessenten aus den Bereichen der elektrischen Verbindungstechnik, Automatisierung oder auch Sensorik haben eine der erfolgreichsten Leitmessen der...

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  • Wir sagen Danke für mehr als 30 Jahre Treue!

    Mit Rainer Gallmann geht ein Urgestein von Bord.

    Als Südschwarzwälder ins fränkische Exil?

    Sicherlich war eine gründliche Überlegung notwendig, bevor sich Rainer Gallmann vor 31 Jahren dazu entschied im schönen Maintal anzuheuern.

    An der Schweizer Grenze im Hotzenwald aufgewachsen, machte er...

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  • Ultimate precision work from Zeil

    A guided tour of Firner in Zeil am Main greatly impressed District Administrator (Landrat) Wilhelm Schneider, office manager Michael Rahn, business promoter Michael Brehm, member of the regional parliament (Landtagsabgeordneter) Steffen Vogel and local mayor Thomas Stadelmann, especially of the high...

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  • The new appearance of Firner Trautwein

    The merger between these two companies also fired the starting pistol for new and shared communication. With the support of Gruppe Drei, an agency based in VS-Villingen, a fresh, powerful and modern design line was devised.

    Precision meets Perfection – that is the main message that runs throughout...

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