Welcome to the new Dunningen location.
Welcome to Firner Trautwein.

Perfect precision
has a new home

Welcome to our new location in Dunningen.
Welcome to Firner Trautwein.

new standards

With our location in Dunningen we are boosting our performance capability in a comprehensive manner for the long-term – and are defining the future direction for the production of high-end precision turned parts. Our new building sets standards in form and function: for today, tomorrow and thereafter.

As we expand capacity levels, we also expand the number of machines we have, and we implement leading-edge standards in relation to building technology, air-conditioning, logistics, material supply, production technology, energy efficiency and sustainability. Lean Production is the leading concept upon which the entire infrastructure and all operations at the new location are founded. This also includes production on one level, which achieves multiple gains in efficiency.

Even so, we are still far from exhausting the full potential for improvement: we have planned with great foresight and have also vectored in future potential for further development. Which means that we have positioned ourselves well with this new location to further reinforce our performance pledge: FIRNER TRAUTWEIN is a watchword for where perfection meets precision.

20.000 m2site
3.000 m2production area
1.000 m2storage & logistics
800 m2administration

new trails

The new location in Dunningen is just 20 kilometres away from our old address in Schiltach. We are therefore staying close to our roots, while also benefiting from rapid motorway access to the A81.

“This new building in Dunningen is a milestone in the history of this company. The future for the production of high-end precision turned parts has found a home here”.

Stefanie and Bernhard Firner, CEOs

Focus on the new building
Bernhard and Stefanie Firner in dialogue

Bernhard Firner: Our new building is our answer to the very encouraging growth that we have experienced over the last few years here at Firner Trautwein and it is also the cornerstone of our development strategy. At our new location in Dunningen we have found the ideal parameters for constructing a new building that satisfies our requirements. Our business development today enables us to look to the future with optimism, also in terms of the extensions at this location that are already in the pipeline. This new building in Dunningen constitutes a milestone in the history of this company and is a big step towards the future of the production of high-end precision turned parts.

Stefanie Firner: This building satisfies the needs of modern production that is fit for the future, and it provides our employees with a pleasant working atmosphere. We have paid particular attention to devising a concept for building technology that is sustainable and that conserves resources. The energy needs of our building are about 50% below legal requirements and also outperform the energy standard of a KfW 55 efficiency building. For a production and administration building, this is a very ambitious figure.

Bernhard Firner: At our new location, we use the waste heat from our production processes for heating, cooling and the production of hot water, right through the year. Most of the surplus heat is dissipated to atmosphere by means of free ventilation. For this, during the planning phase, comprehensive thermal simulations were conducted to optimise the building shell and the systems technology. Passive and active component cooling systems in production and administration areas assure consistent room temperatures. In future, we shall be able to generate a significant proportion of our energy needs with our own solar power system, helping us to move towards self-sufficiency.

Stefanie Firner: Short distances, communicative areas and a large amount of natural daylight.

We invested great ambition and a lot of time in devising the new production layout. As a result, we have short distances and many line-of-sight connections between the individual production processes and our administration offices. We are convinced that this will boost our productivity and that this will also promote the level of exchange and collaboration between our employees.

A landscaped internal courtyard, a spacious terrace for our employees and central Info areas provide attractive spaces for dialogue to complement the workplaces.

By installing large areas of glass in the facade, we are deliberately making use of as much natural daylight as we can, in part to reduce our energy costs while also creating a pleasant and productive working atmosphere for our employees.

Bernhard Firner: Significant. Firstly, our visually appealing company building enhances the positive external impact of our group of companies. Secondly, our new building provides us with continuous scope for improving our workplace operations and our production processes. Flexibility in the basic layout and organisation creates space for change which in turn enables us to respond flexibly to future developments. This transparent architecture in conjunction with a sustainable kind of construction reflects our commitment to quality. Although the budget for this project was in line with the usual cost of an industrial building, it was important to us to create something special in architectural terms. And this is really important: we would like our employees to identify with the building, ensuring that they enjoy working at our new location, and that they feel good about themselves here.

Bernhard Firner: „Production on one level“

„Our previous location in Schiltach lacked the scope for expansion and this forced us to organise production on two levels. In this new building, all of our production operations are now organised on a single level. This gives us great scope at this new location to optimise our production operations.“

Stefanie Firner: „Our machine building is a real showcase“

„The generously proportioned picture windows on our machine building give people standing outside some insights into our manufacturing operation while also providing our employees with views of greenery as well as brightly-lit working conditions.“

Bernhard Firner: „Metal facade“

The precision employed for the production of our turned parts is reflected in the precise seams that connect up our metal facade. The visually appealing facade created by RÖING GENANNT NÖLKE Architects has already become a characteristic feature of our new company location.

New spaces
open up new options

Enlargement of production
Increase in the number of machines we operate

Technology State-of-the-Art
Cutting edge
production technology
Innovative metrology

Improved Logistics
Good transport links
Transparent process and material flow

Lean Production
Optimised operations
Enhanced efficiency

Corporate Architecture
Strategic Design
Brand-Building External Impact

Green Building
KfW Efficiency Building

Climate Engineering
Building Technology

New Work
Flexible Office Structures
Ergonomic Workplaces

The new head office of our company in Dunningen represents more than a relocation from the Baden town of Schiltach to the Württemberg region of our federal state: it is a self-aware statement of the future course of turned part production.

Not just for customers and partners but also and above all for our employees, this new building should help to strengthen our attraction as an employer with a sense of civic responsibility.

New address

Trautwein Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH
Peter-Birk-Straße 8
78655 Dunningen

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