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Also in uncertain times Firner Trautwein® continues to invest in innovative manufacturing technologies at both plants. For the machining of lead-free materials the machinery was renewed not only in the field of rotary transfer machines but as well in the area of CNC production. Whereas it was invested in additional straight turning lathes with high pressure units at the Dunningen plant the new WINEMA RV10 forms the new core of the machining of lead-free brass materials for customers in the field of electrical engineering at the Zeil site.

As a rotary transfer machine assembled with CNC units the RV10 combines a highly efficient production with tight tolerances and lead-free alloys due to its compact construction. „This power package – equipped with 80 bar high pressure units – enables the most efficient production in compliance with the requirements of REACh and RoHS“ raves factory manager Sebastian Foltes about his new machine.

A further step towards preservation of the economic efficiency of our production processes in Germany as a location for industry.

Due to the newly installed photovoltaic system in Dunningen a large share of the energy demand is produced self-sufficiently.
Since the launch more than 260 tons of CO2 could be saved.

Up to 30% of the power demand can be covered by renewable solar energy made in Dunningen at the new production site.

An excellent example of how the energy transition can be supported by sustainable systems.

Let’s hope for sunny days on the high plateau of the Black Forest!

Photos: Stephan Falk, BAUBILD Berlin

In order to secure the competitiveness Firner Trautwein upgrades the state-of-the-art production facilities. Recently investments have been made in new, reliable and high-precision production equipment at both the manufacturing sites. With the youngest member of our machinery – the new Index MS32-6 – the company continually proceeds the expansion of the CNC controlled multi-spindle production at the Firner base in Zeil am Main. But the Trautwein site in Dunningen continues to grow as well. In summer 2022 additional CNC controlled single-spindle lathes, including but not limited to Star SR 32, were put into operation to cover the customer needs in the field of electrical engineering. „The extension of our production facilities as well as technologically high-class replacement investments build the base of a progressing and moderate but continual growth of our group of companies“, enthuses Bernhard Firner, Managing Director.

Coming soon: Our new building is about to be opened and put into commission.

With our location in Dunningen we are boosting our performance capability in a comprehensive manner for the long-term and are defining the future direction for the production of high-end precision turned parts. Our new building sets standards in form and function: for today, tomorrow and thereafter.

As we expand capacity levels, we also enlarge the number of machines we have, and we implement leading-edge standards in relation to building technology, air-conditioning, logistics, material supply, production technology, energy efficiency and sustainability. Lean Production is the leading concept upon which the entire infrastructure and all operations at the new location are founded. This also includes production on one level, which achieves multiple gains in efficiency.

Even so, we are still far from exhausting the full potential for improvement: we have planned with great foresight and have also vectored in future potential for further development. Which means that we have positioned ourselves well with this new location to further reinforce our performance pledge: FIRNER TRAUTWEIN is a watchword for where perfection meets precision.

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A guided tour of Firner in Zeil am Main greatly impressed District Administrator (Landrat) Wilhelm Schneider, office manager Michael Rahn, business promoter Michael Brehm, member of the regional parliament (Landtagsabgeordneter) Steffen Vogel and local mayor Thomas Stadelmann, especially of the high technical standard achieved here in the manufacture of precision turned parts. This company has now been based in the industrial area of Zeil am Main for 14 years. It can trace its origins to the oldest form-turning shops in Germany - to Pankraz Ullmann, a company founded in Bamberg back in 1865. As one of the leading manufacturers of customer-specific precision turned parts made of brass, this company has fully automatic production and assembly systems that process an annual total of 1200 tonnes of brass. Over a production floor area of 6000 square meters, a workforce of about 60 men and women focus primarily on the high-volume production of precision components for the following industry sectors: Electrical engineering, automotive, communications technology, sanitary industry and hydraulics. A large number of certificates and documents demonstrates that the company is heavily committed to quality management and to environmental management.
The company owner also drew attention to the problem of recruiting skilled employees. The business is still seeking to recruit two or three specialists, so welcomes unsolicited applications.

Our Schiltach site received a VIP visitor: As part of his summer tour in June through the electoral district of Rottweil-Tuttlingen, CDU member of the German Bundestag parliament and General Secretary Volker Kauder also visited Firner Trautwein.

In a guided tour lasting an hour and a half, company boss Bernhard Firner provided this experienced leading politician with in-depth insights into the company, and highlighted its favourable business performance. During this process, he also pointed to challenges such as the space required to expand capacities, and in particular the difficulty of finding skilled specialist staff. Kauder was clearly impressed by what the company was achieving, a showcase example of the strength of the German SME sector.